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independent remuneration review

"Fletcher Jones did an excellent job for us. They were efficient and highly professional."

Peter Rigg, Chair,
Schroder Oriental Income Fund

We have conducted an increasing number of independent remunerations reviews for boards and executive leadership teams in recent years.

Our approach is to carefully consider all the factors and that influence remuneration levels, and we recognise the complexity involved so that appropriate comparisons can be made.

Levels of remuneration are heavily scrutinised, whether it be by shareholders, members, or other stakeholders and we consider the importance of rigorously researched data, as well as sector, sub-sector, board size, the level of assets under management or other commercial factors, and our reviews take any such nuanced differences into account as well as any anomalies.

"We engaged Fletcher Jones to help find an experienced NED to join our Board. We hadn't worked with them before but, as anticipated, they added value from the outset as we worked together to develop our initial role profile...."
Martin Moore, Chair, BMO Commercial Property Trust Read in full

"Fletcher Jones comprehended the brief and put forward some good candidates, along with some recommended by board members.  They interviewed all the candidates and gave us a detailed background on them and their skills..."
Jean Matterson, Chair, Capital Gearing Trust Read in full

"Fletcher Jones did an excellent job for us. They were efficient and highly professional. We tasked them with finding a director with experience of Asia and its equity markets but one who would also add to the Boards diversity of thinking...." 
Peter Rigg, Chair, Schroder Oriental Income Fund Trust Read in full

"The process was held online throughout with good input from the team at Fletcher Jones to allow us to make the appointment of an excellent director to our Board. We are delighted with the experience and the outcome."
Raymond Abbott, Chair, Foresight 4 VCT Read in full

“In seeking such an individual, the Board was also keen to, as a FTSE 250 company, not only broaden the range of views around the Board table but do so in a manner that was seen by the market to improve the diversity of the Board.”
Chris Samuel, Chair, JPMorgan Japanese Investment Trust Read in full

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